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Generous Basket

The charity program “Generous Basket”
for collecting of clothing and worldly goods
for orphaned children of the republic of Karelia

Program rationale: Children living in children’s homes and social rehabilitation centers of Karelia live on welfare and are fully provided for by the state. However the state does not and cannot take into account individual wants and needs of a child at a particular age, for example, of modern clothes, new developing toys, books, computer games and software, cosmetics, communications devices, sports equipment and many other things that are necessary for the child no to feel deprived and disadvantaged. Children in hospitals and from families of social risk often lack the most essential items - bedding, clean sheets and towels, personal hygiene products, a change of clothes and stationery.
This program is aimed at rendering aid and assistance to orphaned children in providing them with needful things for a comfortable life and all-round development, as well as presents for holidays. At the same time the program is intended to draw the public’s attention to the problem of orphancy.

Program objective: targeted and timely provision of orphaned children of Karelia with essential and needful things.
Target group:
1. Orphaned children.
2. Children left without their parents’ custody living in orphanages and other state social institutions of Karelia.
3. Children from dysfunctional families and families of social risk.
4. Children living with guardians whose families have a low standard of living.
Program goals and tasks:
1. Launching an advertising and informational campaign and organizing actions of collecting aid.
2. Collecting essential and needful things and prompt delivery of the collected items to orphaned children.

Program coordinator: Maria Burchinova(8142) 59 35 05


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