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Fund Volunteer Movement Organization

The charity program
“Fund Volunteer Movement Organization”

Program rationale:

Volunteering comprises a wide range of activities, including traditional types of mutual aid and self-help, providing services, as well as other forms of civic participation. Volunteering is performed of one’s own free will for the benefit of the public at large without expecting a monetary reward.
Volunteers and voluntary servants are the main foundation and the basis of the Fund’s activities, since only volunteers are able to individually help children in orphanages.

Volunteers are expected and counted on both in orphanages and centers of temporary accommodation for wayward youth (problem kids), in children’s homes and hospitals of Karelia. Volunteers can be involved in single, nonrecurring actions such as collecting New Year’s gifts for children and disposable diapers for babies, organizing entertainment programs, assistance in children’s medical treatment and education and also sustained regular monitoring of foster children in children’s homes which continues even after the children leave the institution of public charge.
The program is aimed at creation of an organized volunteer movement to help orphaned children both in the form of long-term work in children’s homes and as single participation in actions of collecting aid or in the Fund’s short-term projects.

Program objective: organization of the Fund’s volunteer movement

Target group:
1. educators, teachers, people with skills in applied arts
2. women with children, residents of Petrozavodsk
3. people of creative professions (actors, photographers, animators, designers, musicians, etc.)
4. people employed in the tourism industry (guides, instructors)
5. drivers with personal vehicles (couriers)

Program goals and tasks:
1. Creation of the Fund’s volunteer core group to work in children’s homes and orphanages of Karelia and to assist in the realization of the Fund’s programs and projects.
2. Organization of the systematic work of volunteer groups in children’s homes, hospitals, orphanages of Karelia, involving volunteers in the Fund’s single actions.

Program coordinator: Vlasova Galina
Tel.: (8142) 59 35 05


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